Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Chennai

When planning your wedding in Chennai, finding the right photographer to capture those unforgettable moments is crucial. Chennai, a city steeped in cultural richness, offers an array of talented wedding photographers and cinematographers. To help you in your quest for the perfect photographer, we present our list of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Chennai,” who are experts at transforming your wedding moments into cherished memories.

1. Capture Crew

Capture Crew, helmed by the talented photographer Arun, is a well-established wedding photography and cinema brand in Chennai. Arun, with over 5 years of experience, specializes in capturing the raw emotions and beauty of matrimonial ceremonies. Alongside photography, Capture Crew offers videography and pre-wedding shoots, making them your one-stop solution for all your wedding photography needs. What’s more, they provide specialized discounts on package bookings.

2. Shadow Capture

Shadow Capture is another eminent name in Chennai’s wedding photography scene. Their team of experienced photographers and cinematographers has been documenting weddings for a considerable time, ensuring the capture of charming moments on your special day. Shadow Capture offers reasonably priced and customizable packages, designed to cater to various wedding celebrations and budgets.

3. What-A-Story

Based in Mumbai, What A Story is a highly regarded wedding photographer in chennai specializing in candid and traditional photography and cinematography. Their passionate team of photographers boasts nearly a decade of experience, ensuring top-tier deliverance. What A Story not only captures your special moments but also provides post-event services, making them a comprehensive solution for wedding photography.

4. Studio F3

Studio F3 is a group of dedicated Wedding Photographer in Chennai passionate about capturing your special moments with precision and creativity. Led by Mr. Balaji, their extensive decade-long experience has earned them recognition, including the prestigious ‘Best Editor Award Pradhana Vizha 2014’ from Mediacorp, Singapore. Studio F3 offers a broad range of photography services to cover every aspect of your wedding ceremonies.

5. Triangle Services Photography

Triangle Services Photography is known for its ability to freeze those unique moments. Their style of photography and videography appeals to a wide audience. With about four years of experience as Wedding Photographer in Chennai, they are willing to travel all over India and deliver approximately 250 processed pictures to their clients.

6. Vicithiram Studio

Vicithiram Studio, located in Chennai, believes in capturing the uniqueness of every client. They offer a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs, including candid photography, traditional photography, wedding albums, pre-wedding shoots, and even maternity shoots. Additionally, they excel as Wedding Photographer in Chennai, creating striking images that make a statement.

7. Kadhaigal

Kadhaigal is a Wedding Photographer in Chennai specializing in wedding photography and cinematography. With over five years of experience, their dedicated team is committed to capturing all the fleeting emotions of your wedding day. They offer a range of services, including candid and traditional photography, cinematic videos, pre-wedding shoots, and more.

8. Studio KB

Studio KB is a wedding photography service that ensures unmatched quality across India. With over seven years in the field, they are dedicated to making your wedding ceremonies special and timeless. Their team consists of experienced photographers, designers, and creative directors who love capturing the beautiful chaos of your special day.

9. iGlow Studioz

iGlow Studioz, led by Mr. Vijay, offers a unique and trendy approach to wedding photography. Their team captures the precious moments of your special day while you and your loved ones enjoy the celebrations. They specialize in both technical and creative aspects of photography, delivering eye-catching and cinematic results.

10. 2InfinityLabs

2InfinityLabs, led by Mohan, specializes in candid photography and has over five years of experience. They have a team of traditional specialists and focus on capturing special and authentic moments of your wedding day. They offer about 500 edited pictures to ensure you cherish your photographs for a lifetime.

In conclusion, these “Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Chennai” bring their unique style and creativity to make your wedding moments truly unforgettable. With their passion and expertise, they can turn your special day into cherished memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. When seeking the best wedding photographer in Chennai, look no further than these exceptional professionals. Don’t forget to check our list of Top 10 Makeup Artist In Chennail

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