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Top 10 Makeup  Artists In Delhi

by Vague’s Mary Thompson

Leading Delhi makeup artist shaping radiant  transformations for brides.

Komal Gulati

Anu Kaushik, is a name that reverberates through the domains of Bollywood and fashion

Anu Kaushik

In the vibrant tapestry makeup scene, Chandni Singh emerges as a prominent and sought-after makeup artists in Delhi

Chandni Singh

Aradhana's illustrious journey is adorned with remarkable collaborations alongside luminaries like Katrina Kaif

Aradhana Khanna

Honing her skills at the esteemed London College of Makeup, She emerges as a true virtuoso in curating regal bridal looks 

Guneet Virdi

In the realm of makeup artistry, Jasmeet Kapany is a virtuoso who skillfully reveals the inherent beauty of brides.

Jasmeet Kapany

Leena Bhushan, in collaboration with her dedicated team, weaves captivating bridal narratives through the art of makeup

Leena Bhushan

Uncover the epitome of bridal makeup artists in Delhi through Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers. Offering an extensive range of makeup styles

Meenakshi Dutt

Shruti Sharma’s ardor for makeup resembles an artful capture of personalities within pigments.

Shruti Sharma

Vidya Tikari’s illustrious legacy shines like a guiding star in makeup artists in Delhi, embellished with a wealth of experience

Vidya Tikari