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Best Makeup  Artists In Kolkata

by Vague’s Mary Thompson

Anubrati Makeup Studio goes beyond the ordinary, specializing in the meticulous enhancement of a bride’s best features

Anubrati Makeup Studio

What sets them apart is their innate talent for enhancing your facial features, ensuring that you radiate beauty on your special day like never befor

Debi’s Premier Makeup

What sets The Glamorous Makeover apart, as a leading makeup artist in Kolkata, is its unwavering dedication to every bride

The Glamorous Makeover

Abhijit Paul’s approach to bridal beauty, as a makeup artist in Kolkata, is nothing short of magical.

Abhijit Paul

What sets Subham apart is not just his exceptional talent but also his dedication to making the best out of your wedding day look

Subham Chakraborty

When you choose Anirudh Chakladar, you’re not just choosing a makeup artist; you’re selecting a craftsman who breathes life into your dreams

Anirudh Chakladar

What sets Kakoli apart is her unwavering commitment to embracing your unique charm.

Kakoli Sengupta

Anjali’s Beauty & You Makeup Studio is not just a makeup studio; it’s a sanctuary of beauty. Offering a wide range of wedding beauty services

You Makeup Studio

What distinguishes Bhaskar Biswas is his dedication to enhancing your natural allure. He views each bride as a unique canvas

Bhaskar Biswas

What distinguishes Sharen Makeup Studio is their unwavering commitment to perfection, making them the preferred choice for a makeup artist in Kolkata

Sharen Makeup Studio