Top 10 Makeup Artist in Delhi

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most cherished moments of your life, and every bride dreams of perfection. With all eyes on her, every detail matters. Delhi, a city brimming with artistry, boasts a plethora of exceptional wedding makeup artists who cater to a diverse range of preferences – from understated elegance to absolute glamour. Here’s our curated selection of the top 10 wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi who can transform your dreams into reality.

1. Komal Gulati: Crafting Bridal Perfection with Artistry

In the captivating realm of bridal makeup, Komal Gulati stands as one of leading Makeup Artist in Delhi, effortlessly sculpting ordinary individuals into resplendent brides. As a sought-after makeup artist in Delhi, her touch of enchantment brings her remarkable talent to life, creating radiant transformations that illuminate every bride’s inherent beauty.

Komal’s process is an artful fusion of meticulous consultations and personalized care, where she delves deep to unravel the ideal concoction of hairstyle, draping, makeup, and skincare for each unique bride-to-be. The opportunity for a pre-wedding makeup trial (Rs 5,000 per session) exemplifies her unwavering commitment to achieving perfection.

With Komal Gulati, it’s not merely about makeup; it’s a transformative journey that empowers brides to exude confidence and grace on their momentous day, embracing their inner and outer allure.

Location: Komal Gulati Makeup Studio, CC-04, House No.1, Anupam Garden Lane 5, Opp. Country Club, Sainik Farms
Phone Number: +91 999 970 2545

2. Anu Kaushik: Sculpting Elegance with Artistic Precision

Anu Kaushik, a distinguished Makeup Artist in Delhi, is a name that reverberates through the domains of Bollywood and fashion. Her reputation is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail and an artistic flair that distinguishes her. Renowned for her philosophy of accentuating natural beauty, Anu orchestrates complete bridal transformations that resonate with each individual’s unique identity. Beyond makeup, her expertise embraces hairstyling, allowing her to create a harmonious symphony of elegance that doesn’t overshadow but rather enhances the bride’s innate charm.

Anu Kaushik’s touch goes beyond cosmetics; it’s a transformative experience that embodies the essence of the bride, giving her the confidence to radiate beauty on her special day. With a portfolio that speaks volumes and a commitment to her craft, Anu stands as an artist who captures the soul of each bride she works with.

Location: 1, Meera Farms, Main Temple Road, Chattarpur
Website :
Phone Number : +91 9312 253176
Instagram :

3. Chandni Singh: The Alchemist of Makeup Artist In Delhi

In the vibrant tapestry of Delhi’s makeup artist scene, Chandni Singh emerges as a prominent and sought-after Makeup Artist in Delhi. Recognized for her approachable demeanor and unwavering dedication, Chandni addresses the unique skincare concerns of each client with finesse. Her makeup artistry is a testament to sophistication and refinement, where every brushstroke is a stroke of sheer genius.

Chandni employs premium makeup brands to curate her magic, ensuring a flawless and enduring look that lasts through every momentous occasion. What truly sets her apart is her provision of chargeable pre-bridal trials, a testament to her commitment to perfection and her clients’ satisfaction. These trials bridge the gap between the bride’s vision and the final, breathtaking result, demonstrating Chandni’s meticulous approach.

In the bustling makeup artist landscape of Delhi, Chandni Singh’s name shines brightly. Her work not only enhances beauty but also boosts confidence, offering an experience that captures the essence of each individual. With Chandni, clients can expect nothing less than an exquisite transformation that leaves them radiating with elegance.

Location: 015, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 
Phone Number: +91 9810 085 243

4. Aradhana Khanna: Elevating Confidence Through Excellence

Aradhana Khanna’s illustrious journey is adorned with remarkable collaborations alongside luminaries like Katrina Kaif, adding to her portfolio that glistens with unmatched professionalism and excellence. Positioned as the forefront of the makeup artist in Delhi, Aradhana is an embodiment of skill and prowess that resonates through her work. With an unwavering focus on enhancing her clients’ confidence, she stands as a symbol of transformation and empowerment within the makeup realm.

Aradhana’s demand within the makeup artist community is a resounding testament to her mastery and reputation. Given her high demand, securing an early booking for her services through social media is a strategic choice for those eager to experience her transformative artistry firsthand. With Aradhana Khanna, clients don’t just receive makeup; they embark on a journey of self-assurance and elegance, basking in the radiance of her expertise and the transformative magic she weaves.

Location: Azad Market, East Delhi



5. Guneet Virdi: Regal Elegance Personified

Honing her skills at the esteemed London College of Makeup, Guneet Virdi emerges as a true virtuoso in curating regal bridal looks that emanate elegance and grace. Her expertise transcends traditional makeup artistry, as she boasts an in-depth comprehension of skincare that harmoniously aligns with her craft. With Guneet’s transformative touch, brides emanate an irresistible aura of regality that authentically captures the very essence of their momentous day.

Her work isn’t just about makeup; it’s a symphony of skill, knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring that every bride feels and looks like royalty. Guneet Virdi isn’t just one of best makeup artist in delhi; she’s an architect of beauty and confidence, sculpting enchanting bridal looks that stand the test of time.

Location: A-264, above sbi bank, Block A, Defence Colony
Phone Number: +91098101 77359

6. Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup: Unveiling Natural Beauty

In the realm of makeup artistry, Jasmeet Kapany is a virtuoso who skillfully reveals the inherent beauty of brides. Her expertise goes beyond cosmetics, as she possesses a deep mastery of the craft. With a focus on achieving a seamless, natural look, Jasmeet has perfected the art of enhancing one’s features authentically, creating a canvas that radiates confidence and grace.

Jasmeet’s distinctive touch is evident in her ability to accentuate the eyes, skillfully creating a captivating allure that is both enchanting and genuine. Her approach involves more than just makeup application; it’s a blend of creativity, precision, and an understanding of each bride’s unique features. By highlighting the eyes, she crafts a focal point that speaks volumes and draws attention to the bride’s inner radiance.

Jasmeet Kapany’s work is an embodiment of artistry and authenticity. With her, brides don’t just receive makeup; they experience a transformation that highlights their natural beauty and empowers them to shine on their special day which makes her one of top makeup artist in Delhi. Her ability to enhance features while maintaining a genuine, effortless appearance makes her a true maestro in the world of bridal makeup.

Location: Sector 14, Gurgaon
Phone Number: +91 11 4014 0801

7. Leena Bhushan: Crafting Dreams into Reality

Leena Bhushan, in collaboration with her dedicated team, weaves captivating bridal narratives through the art of makeup, ranging from delicate elegance to captivating glamour. With an impressive selection of premium international makeup brands, Leena guarantees not only stunning outcomes but also safety, prioritizing the well-being of every bride. Her work brings to life the aspirations and desires of each individual, turning dreams into reality with every brushstroke.

Leena’s creations are a testament to the enchanting synergy between expertise and imagination. Her ability to envision and execute a diverse range of bridal looks speaks volumes about her creativity and skill. Whether it’s a timeless, understated elegance or a bold, dazzling statement, Leena Bhushan and her team have mastered the art of transformation, producing results that resonate with the essence of each bride.

In the world of bridal makeup artist in Delhi, Leena Bhushan stands as an artist who not only beautifies but also empowers. Her makeup artistry is a journey that not only enhances physical appearance but also boosts confidence, making brides feel their most radiant selves on their significant day.

Location: 288, A Block Inner Rd, Block A, Defence Colony
Phone Number:

8. Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers: Sublime Elegance Meets Delicate Precision

Uncover the epitome of bridal makeup artist in Delhi through Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers. Offering an extensive range of makeup styles, Meenakshi Dutt, accompanied by her skilled team, stands ready to transform your bridal dreams into reality. Their mission revolves around making each bride’s momentous day exceptional, bringing their envisioned look to life with finesse.

Meenakshi Dutt’s philosophy underscores the importance of makeovers, as they don’t merely enhance facial radiance but also craft a distinctive allure tailored to each occasion. With Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers, you’re not just getting a makeup session from one of best makeup artist in Delhi; you’re embarking on a journey where every brushstroke is a step towards radiance, confidence, and the reflection of your individual charm.

Location: B-21, Shivalik Rd, Block B, Shivalik Colony, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Phone Number: +91 8826963239

9. Shruti Sharma: Capturing Personalities in Pigments

Shruti Sharma’s ardor for makeup resembles an artful capture of personalities within pigments. The kaleidoscope of lipstick shades she presents mirrors her vibrant spirit, infusing each creation with a dash of her cheerful essence. In her skilled hands, makeup transforms into a medium of self-expression, resonating deeply with the uniqueness of every bride.

Shruti’s artistry extends beyond mere cosmetics; it’s a personalized journey that embraces individuality. With a distinctive touch, she crafts makeup looks that authentically mirror each bride’s identity. This tailored approach transcends convention, emphasizing the beauty of customization. In each brushstroke and hue, Shruti champions the power of makeup to not just enhance appearances, but also to reflect the essence of the person beneath.

Choosing Shruti Sharma isn’t just opting for a the best makeup artist in Delhi; it’s choosing an artist who skillfully translates emotions and character onto a canvas of skin. With her, brides don’t just wear makeup – they wear an artful representation of themselves, radiating confidence and celebrating their true selves.

Location: VIPUL LAVANYA, Sector 81, Gurugram, Naharpur Kasan, Haryana
Phone Number:
081785 20499

10. Vidya Tikari: A Legacy of Transformation

Vidya Tikari’s illustrious legacy shines like a guiding star in makeup artist in Delhi, embellished with a wealth of experience and a roster of contented clients, including Bollywood luminaries. At her studio, a cohort of skilled artists stand united, mirroring her unwavering dedication to professionalism and the pursuit of excellence.

With Vidya Tikari at the helm, each bride’s vision metamorphoses into a breathtaking reality, where aspirations come alive through the delicate strokes of transformation. Her hands wield not just makeup brushes, but magic wands that turn dreams into vivid, enchanting masterpieces. Vidya Tikari isn’t just one of best makeup artist in Delhi; she’s a visionary who, through her artistry, turns moments into memories and unveils the inherent radiance of every bride.

Location: Pegasus One Ibis Hotel, Golf Course Rd, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram
Phone Number: +91 9971 937 272

Begin your bridal journey with a surge of confidence by placing your trust in the expertise of these esteemed top 10 wedding makeup artist in Delhi. They stand ready to craft moments that linger in your heart forever, ensuring your special day is etched in your memory as a masterpiece of beauty and elegance.

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