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When it comes to weddings, Kolkata is a city that embodies beauty and celebration like no other. Known for its rich culture and traditions, Kolkata boasts a vibrant bridal makeup industry that rivals the best in the country. In this bustling metropolis, where every bride dreams of looking her best on her special day, we bring you the top 10 Makeup Artist In Kolkata who have mastered the art of turning dreams into reality.

1. Anubrati Makeup Studio

Anubrati Makeup Studio stands out as best Makeup Artist In Kolkata and as a prominent name for those seeking a makeup artist. With a talented makeup artist at the helm, this studio has perfected the art of enhancing a bride’s natural beauty. Their portfolio includes collaborations with notable celebrities like Sohini Sarkar, showcasing their artistry and skill.

Anubrati Makeup Studio goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on enhancing a bride’s best features. Their range of makeup and styling options caters to every bride’s unique vision, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable transformation. What sets them apart is their commitment to using only the highest quality cosmetics, resulting in a flawlessly radiant bridal look that lingers in memory and photographs.

Location: 174, Rajdanga Sarat Park Rd, Rajdanga Chakraborty Para, Sector A, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107
Phone Number: +91 099030 91418

2. Debi’s Premier Makeup

Debi’s Premier Makeup is a distinguished Makeup Artist In Kolkata. Their commitment revolves around bestowing brides with a charismatic allure. With their expertise, Debi’s Premier Makeup adds depth and definition to candid Bengali wedding photography.

What sets them apart is their talent for enhancing facial features, ensuring that brides radiate beauty like never before on their special day. Their skilled hands meticulously sculpt the perfect bridal look, making brides look more stunning and enchanting than ever imagined.

Location: 42, 17, Murari Pukur Rd, Bagmari, Kolkata, West Bengal 700067
Phone Number: +91 080178 74075

3. The Glamorous Makeover

The Glamorous Makeover stands out as a top Makeup Artist In Kolkata, synonymous with achieving a truly captivating bridal allure. This studio boasts a team of seasoned makeup artists, each specializing in HD and 4D makeup techniques.

What sets The Glamorous Makeover apart is its dedication to ensuring every bride adorns a bold and beautiful appearance on her special day. These artisans of beauty transform dreams into reality, sculpting each bride into a vision of glamour and sophistication.

Location: 1st Floor, 306 Ajaynagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075
Phone Number: +91 079805 18109

4. Abhijit Paul

Abhijit Paul is the go-to choice for fashion-forward brides in Kolkata and is one of the best Makeup Artist In Kolkata. His mastery of makeup, particularly in editorial and bridal contexts, sets him apart as a magician of radiance.

Abhijit Paul’s approach to bridal beauty is nothing short of magical. He transforms faces into radiant masterpieces on the special day, blending creativity with current fashion trends to curate makeup looks that harmonize seamlessly with each bride’s unique style.

Location: N/A
Phone Number: +91 98367 02719

5. Subham Chakraborty

Subham Chakraborty is a trusted and celebrated name in the Bengali bridal makeup industry and is one of top 10 Makeup Artist In Kolkata, known for his expertise as a makeup artist. His reputation is built on enhancing natural beauty, creating a goddess-like aura on the wedding day.

Subham understands the significance of the special day and uses a blend of branded and natural makeup products to accentuate the best features. This fusion ensures a flawless and radiant bridal look that is enduring and captivating.

Location: Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064
Phone Number: +91 9836706861

6. Anirudh Chakladar

Anirudh Chakladar is a bridal Makeup Artist In Kolkata with a wealth of experience working with top celebrities. He possesses the magic touch to transform brides into the most captivating versions of themselves on their special occasions.

Anirudh’s artistry transcends traditional makeup, weaving creativity and precision to leave brides spellbound. He enhances natural beauty with every brushstroke, ensuring that brides radiate confidence and allure.

Location: Kolkata
Phone Number: +91 98300 39699

7. Kakoli Sengupta

Kakoli Sengupta takes immense joy in revealing the natural beauty of brides, embodying the essence of a makeup artist. Her approach celebrates authenticity, making brides look naturally stunning on their special day.

Kakoli’s dedication knows no boundaries; she is willing to travel anywhere within India to ensure that brides transform into the most stunning versions of themselves. With her exceptional skills, brides can confidently embrace their natural radiance and create cherished memories.

Location: Kolkata, India, West Bengal
Phone Number: +91 98363 81831

8. Anjali’s Beauty & You Makeup Studio

Anjali’s Beauty & You Makeup Studio is a distinguished and well known Makeup Artist In Kolkata, dedicated to crafting brides into the most captivating versions of themselves. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every bride becomes a timeless beauty.

What sets them apart is their dedication to delivering transformations that stand the test of time. Every stroke of their brush results in bridal portraits that capture the essence of the special day with enduring elegance.

Location: 105, 1st floor, Canal St, Sreebhumi, Lake Town, South Dumdum, West Bengal 700048
Phone Number: +91 074396 09504

9. Bhaskar Biswas

Bhaskar Biswas offers an all-encompassing solution to makeover needs in Kolkata and has earned his name as one of the best Makeup Artist In Kolkata. His creative makeup skills accentuate a bride’s natural beauty, making his team the foremost Bengali bridal makeup artists in the city, renowned for achieving a flawless bridal look.

Bhaskar’s dedication to enhancing natural allure results in a bridal look that is truly flawless and timeless. With him, brides radiate with confidence and grace on their special day, making every moment unforgettable.

Location: 30D, Gobinda Adday Rd, Chetla, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027
Phone Number: +91 9051823524

10. Sharen Makeup Studio

Sharen Makeup Studio is the unrivaled destination for celebrity and bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. Their reputation is built on a legacy of quality work, celebrated for their artistry using only the finest branded products to create stunning makeovers for brides.

What distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to perfection, ensuring that every bride looks ravishing on her special day. They offer a comprehensive range of makeup services designed to cater to every bride’s unique vision, ensuring a radiant and unforgettable experience.

Location: Samsung service centre, Landmark, Basanti bhawan Amar pally bus stop, Jessore Rd, West Bengal 700074
Phone Number: +91 9163690986

In Kolkata, where joy and celebrations resonate in every corner, these Makeup Artist In Kolkata emerge as the true architects of bridal beauty. With their skillful hands, they weave dreams into reality, crafting stories of love, beauty, and enchantment. They are not just professionals; they are the keepers of the bridal magic, ensuring that every bride looks extraordinary on her special day.

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