Best Wedding Planner in Mumbai

You’ve found the love of your life, and wedding bells are ringing just around the corner. Now, it’s time to transform your dream wedding into a beautiful reality, and what better way to do that than with the expertise of a professional wedding planner in Mumbai? A wedding planner not only helps you manage your budget but also takes care of venues, vendors, and all the intricate details that go into planning your special day. To make your journey into matrimony a seamless one, here’s a list of seven top wedding planner in Mumbai, each ready to turn your wedding day into a stress-free, joyous celebration.

1. The Wedding Co.

Started by Barkha Athania, The Wedding Co. is your go-to wedding planner in Mumbai. They specialize in helping you select the perfect venue, organizing your sangeet, connecting you with caterers, and elevating your wedding theme. They even provide security to ensure no gatecrashers disrupt your day and assist you in choosing your honeymoon destination.

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai

Specialties: Design and decor arrangements, guest accommodation, unique gifting options, and honeymoon planning.

Signature Aesthetic: A fresh perspective on wedding design and event planning combined with traditional wedding etiquette.

Price: Starting from INR 3 lakh.

2. Momente Wedding Planners

Momente are professional wedding planner in Mumbai company that promises to make your wedding as close to perfection as possible. They take pride in their efficiency, ensuring that you can enjoy your wedding as a guest. Their services cover destination wedding venues, decor, transport, photography, and more.

Location: Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Specialties: Destination weddings, decor, transport, gifting, photography, and support services.

Signature Aesthetic: Customizing weddings to perfection.

Price: Starting from INR 4 lakh.

3. Elite Wedding Planners

Co-founded by Sujoy Pathak, Ruchita Parelkar, and Aloha Mehta, Elite Wedding Planner in Mumbai take on only a few orders each year to ensure top-notch service down to the smallest detail. Their services include venue selection, vendor management, wedding style design, floral arrangements, and more.

Location: Andheri East, Mumbai

Specialties: Venue selection, vendor management, wedding style design, floral arrangements, and more.

Signature Aesthetic: Planning the perfect location for the couple.

Price: Starting at INR 2 lakh.

4. Wedniksha

Wedniksha is an all-encompassing wedding planner in Mumbai with experts in various departments such as technology, stage design, organization, setup, and guest relations. They have also arranged performances by popular Indian and international artists for pre and post-wedding events.

Location: Mumbai

Specialties: Sounds and lights, quirky entrance decor, fireworks, and digital invitations.

Signature Aesthetic: Exquisitely designed personalized invitation cards and decor with internationally acclaimed exclusive floral designs.

Price: Starting from INR 5 lakh.

5. Two Fat Ladies

Started by Namrata and Naresh, Two Fat Ladies infuse your love story into their decor, creating intimate and personalized wedding experiences. They offer the flexibility of choosing your own decorators.

Specialties: Incorporating real-life experiences into decor.

Signature Aesthetic: Personalized and intimate decor.

Price: Charges range from INR 3-5 lakh.

6. Krayonz Entertainment

Krayonz Entertainment is an event management company that focuses on wedding planning, from selecting the venue to handling budgets, invitations, themes, travel, lodging, and even assisting with wedding jewelry selection.

Location: Santacruz West, Mumbai

Specialties: Thematic and destination weddings, event conceptualization, DJs, and live musicians.

Signature Aesthetic: Event styling that reflects your personality.

Price: On request.

7. The Wedding Swaggers

The Wedding Swaggers specialize in hosting grand Indian weddings and are one of top wedding planner in Mumbai, whether it’s a royal celebration in Udaipur or a Bollywood-themed extravaganza. Their expert team brings your ideas to life, ensuring your wedding venue and theme reflect your personality.

Location: Malad East, Mumbai

Specialties: Customized wedding invitations, themed and destination weddings.

Signature Aesthetic: Personalized wedding venues and themes.

Price: Starting from INR 1 lakh.

Planning a wedding in Mumbai can be a daunting task, but with the help of these exceptional wedding planner in Mumbai, you can focus on creating beautiful memories while they take care of the rest. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning dampen your joy—let these experts handle the details for you.

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